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Huffaz From Olive International School

Right from inception, we at Olive International School decided to have an exclusive focus towards Hifz-e-Qur’an as a part of the school curriculum. Overcoming the initial years of struggle to find the right mix and approach to balance both Hifz-e-Qur’an and the mainstream subjects, Olive International School has produced 76 Huffaz (34 boys & 42 girls) so far, Alhamdulillaah.

At Olive, we have made the Hifz program flexible enough for students to memorize at their own pace – Special Hifz program for fast learners to complete before their High School Grades and Regular Hifz program for others.

We also recognize and acknowledge the need for revision post completion for a healthy memorization of the Noble Qur’an and we insist and ensure that students do keep revising their memorization throughout post completion in school.

Here is the list of students who have become Huffaz in Olive International School (almost all but one student have done the complete memorization of Noble Qur’an in Olive International School).

Serial Number Name Of The Student Father’s Name Year in Which Completed Grade in Which Completed
1 Dawood Khalid Khaleelur Rahman 2013-14 Grade-8
2 Fathima Nuzula Syed Hameed Backer 2013-14 Grade-9
3 Mohammed Azhar Noor Mohammed Sait 2013-14 Grade-10
4 Abdul Fattah Mohideen Abdul Khader 2014-15 Grade-9
5 Abdul Gaffar Mohideen Abdul Khader 2014-15 Grade-10
6 Abdullah Mohideen Abdul Khader 2014-15 Grade-12
7 Afshan Marziya Zainulabideen 2014-15 Grade-9
8 Habeeb Ayesha Jafarullah Khan 2014-15 Grade-5
9 Jahan Aara Mohamed Syed 2014-15 Grade-7
10 M Mariyam Mukhtar Ahmed 2014-15 Grade-7
11 Mohammed Zafran Faisal Huq 2014-15 Grade-9
12 Muhyiddeen Abul Hasan 2014-15 Grade-8
13 N Khalidah Tabassum K Nisar Ahmed 2014-15 Grade-9
14 Nimrah Najeeb Najeeb Ahmed 2014-15 Grade-7
15 Ajva Ruhaila Seyed Mohammed baker 2015-16 Grade-9
16 Asma Fathima Md Fiyaz Saeed 2015-16 Grade-8
17 Mafroos Ali Hussain Abdul Khader M 2015-16 Grade-9
18 Mohammed Sajid Yusuf Siddick 2015-16 Grade-5
19 Navreen Fathima Noorull Ameen 2015-16 Grade-6
20 Khadijah Begum Khaleerur Rahman 2015-16 Grade-6
21 Aleeya Hawwa Mohammad Nasir 2015-16 Grade-10
22 Adam Ismail Amirudeen 2015-16 Grade-8
23 Isam Baig Ibrahim Baig 2015-16 Grade-10
24 Raquib Zumair A Md. Ashraf 2016-17 Grade-10
25 Jamaludeen Shaik Jalaludeen 2016-17 Grade-9
26 Furook Shaaz Hilal Ahmed 2016-17 Grade-9
27 Z. Abdullah Zakir Hussain 2016-17 Grade-7
28 Aminuddeen Jamaludeen 2016-17 Grade-9
29 Sajia Fathima Sirajudeen 2016-17 Grade-9
30 Faiza Firdous Tajammul Hussain 2016-17 Grade-10
31 Jaseema Yasmin Mohammed Ibrahim 2016-17 Grade-8
32 Afreen Saliha Nisar Ahmed 2016-17 Grade-5
33 Aysha Shufaina Muhammad Rizwan 2016-17 Grade-7
34 Afrin Rifa Anees Ahmad 2016-17 Grade-8
35 Ayesha Tarannum Mahboob Jan 2016-17 Grade-8
36 Ahmed Feroz Ali Feroz Ali 2017-18 Grade-8
37 Muhammad Asad K Kader Baba 2017-18 Grade-10
38 Mahroos Ibrahim Hussain Abdul Khader 2017-18 Grade-11
39 Suhail Mujeebur Rahman 2017-18 Grade-8
40 Mohammed Thayub Abdul Akbar 2017-18 Grade-8
41 Mohamed Jasran Seyed Farook 2017-18 Grade-10
42 Muhammad Ammaar Mohamed Azif 2017-18 Grade-8
43 Mohamed Farzan Noor Mohammed Sait 2017-18 Grade-9
44 Mohammed Alhaan Abrar Ahmed 2017-18 Grade-10
45 Maryam Basil Basil Mohammed Siddeeqi 2017-18 Grade-7
46 Aasiya Mohammed Ismail 2017-18 Grade-8
47 Sufiya Maryam Nawaz Ahmed 2017-18 Grade-9
48 Shifaa Mujeebur Rahman 2017-18 Grade-6
49 Haadiyah Rajimon Panthodi 2017-18 Grade-9
50 Fathima Marzuka Tamimul Ansari 2017-18 Grade-12
51 Fathima Ruqsana Jagubar Sadique 2017-18 Grade-7
52 Umme Kulsum Ismail Ashraf 2017-18 Grade-10
53 Salma Afrin Shajahan 2017-18 Grade-10
54 Zainab Thahira Muhammed Abdul Kader 2018-19 Grade-7
55 Maryam Shafa  Moammed Hamdan 2018-19 Grade-6
56 Afeefa Binte Mohammed Mohammed Akbar Basha 2018-19 Grade-7
57 Aathif Maaz  Hilal Ahmed 2018-19 Grade-7
58 Shameel Imran Meeran Shahib 2018-19 Grade-8
59 Sana Anjum Syed Mubasheer Ali 2018-19 Grade-10
60 Aathifa Fathima Moahmmed Khalid 2018-19 Grade-7
61 Maryam Nifa Syed Mohammed Irshad 2018-19 Grade-10
62 Mohammed Tariq Shajahan 2018-19 Grade-9
63 Abdul Salam  Mohammed Ismail 2018-19 Grade-10
64 Rafa Khatheeja Zubair 2018-19 Grade-4
65 Rasheeda Ansari Thameem ul Ansari 2018-19 Grade-4
66 Juwairiya Zubair Zubair 2018-19 Grade-9
67 Mohammed Zahi Hussain Abdul Kader 2018-19 Grade-10
68 Mohammed Zaid Mahboob Jan B 2018-19 Grade-7
69 Taiyaba Mukhtar Ahmed 2018-19 Old Student
70 Asma B Badusha 2018-19 Grade-7
71 Nalifa Muhammed Jamal 2018-19 Grade-10
72 Jamal Musharraf Ahmed Althaf 2018-19 Grade-12
73 Akif Asmar Syed Hameed 2018-19 Grade-10
74 Zainab Javeed Abbas Javeed Abbas 2018-19 Grade-6
75 Nabeeha Fathima Mohammed Arshad Saleem 2018-19 Grade-12
76 Abdullah Javeed Abbas Javeed Abbas 2018-19 Grade-4


All praise to Allaah and sincere credit and gratitude is due to all the Teachers/Ustaads who made this happen. Credit is also due to all the parents who played a very vital and critical role in accomplishing this feat. May Allaah reward all who contributed towards this accomplishment and may Allaah keep the students firm in memorizing the Noble Qur’an and reap the rewards as the Creator has Promised. Aameen.

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