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As a part of Co-Curricular Activities for the students, Olive International School has a dedicated calendar for different competitions for different subjects, including, English, Math, Arabic, Science, Islamic Studies & Hifz.

English Club encourages children to better their language and communication skills by having competitions in Spelling Bee, Essay Writing, Oratorical, etc.

Math Club engages children to learn and practice Math by letting them solve puzzles, memorize multiplication tables and speed calculations, etc.

Children showcase and exhibit their understanding of Science subjects in the annual science fair as a part of the Science Club. Students are also encouraged to make presentations on different topics they learn as a part of their curriculum.

Islamic Studies Club has the Islamic Quiz, Islamic Speeches & Skits as the club activities and this is the most earnestly participating event.

Last, but definitely not the least, The Hifz Club for Qur’aan, Hadeeth & Dua Memorization – The Most Valuable event of all.

We get these events held up every year since 2011-12 Academic year and students are awarded with certificates & prizes too.